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Room to Room

Room to Room at Trelissick House.


22. - 31. May, 2015


In the 2nd year of my degree we had an exhibition at Trelissick house. We had a project earlier in the year called the Mapping project. We were shown around the house, even the places not open to tourists, and were set to "map" the house in any way we wished. The results varied from observational drawings to abstract drawings of sound and 3D drawings. 


The outside walls were covered in leaves, deep burgondy red leaves when we visited during autumn.  The inside decor also had a lot of floral motifs, almost in every room. So I picked some of my favorites from each for my drawing. I also tried to make an old, map-like effect on the paper. I used mostly ink colours. For some of the patter I used a print out photgraph of the carpet in the hallway of Trelissick house and nailvarish remover to make an imprint, it gives a nice fade effect. 


Closer to the exhibition, we went back to Trelissick, and this time we made 90° observational drawings of the inerior. In 90° drawings straight lines bend, so they can be a bit troublesome. 


I had my exhibition space in the hall. I cut my drawing into a circle and sewed it onto a lace tabel cloth, that I'd previously cut into a circle and sewed red leaves ribbon onto the edge. There was a round table in the hall were my drawing fitted perfectly. 

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